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Tom Bailey is a poet from London and co-editor of the online magazine And Other Poems. He currently lives in Edinburgh. 

His poems can be found in The Poetry Review, bath magg, Berlin Lit, Epoch, Propel Magazine, Under the Radar, Anthropocene, The North, Lighthouse Literary Journal and on the Poetry Society website. He won the 2022 Hamish Canham Prize for his poem ‘The dead twin and I are housemates now’, and in 2023 he was nominated by Mary Jean Chan for the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem. He was a member of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective 2022-23.

He is currently studying for a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing at Royal Holloway, researching emotional detachment and flat affect in the works of contemporary poets Emily Berry, Anne Carson and Denise Riley. Other research interests include: elegy, lyric, ventriloquism, surrealism, the prose poem, twinship, affect theory and queer theory. He is also an associate member of the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre.

As a teacher and facilitator, Tom has taught undergraduate English and Creative Writing classes at both Royal Holloway University and Boston University. He has also run poetry workshops with Arts Without Boundaries - a charity that supports the social inclusion of people with learning difficulties in the South East. 

Find him on Twitter @TomBailey97.

You can read some of his published work here.

Visit the And Other Poems website.

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